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About Us

Welcome to OnePiece-Fan-Club!!!:meow:

This is a group/club for all One Piece fans. Feel free to submit anything which has something to do with One Piece (Wanted, Romance Dawn and other works of Eiichiro Oda has something to do with One Piece too, remember~! )
.. But please follow the rules, it makes the Group life maybe easier and no wars or Fandom drama's can appear. Thank you !~ : )

You don't have to submit Works to be a member.
All you have to do is to like the amazing Manga/Anime of One Piece created by the japanese mangaka Eiichiro Oda!!

If you want to join, just click the "join our Group!" -button : D (I think nobody has Problems with this~!)

Our Rules are easy to understand and after all really simple rules. We hope nobody will have problems with them.~

Please follow them 'cause they exists for a reason~!:heart:

~:bulletblack: Rules :bulletblack:~

1) Respect other members work (so basically no flaming or stealing them!)

2) Submit your works* to the right folder please. We have one each for different category.

3) Yaoi and Yuri Works are allowed just put it in the right folder.

4) Our name calls OnePiece-fan-club:, so we're Fans and not the Owner of One piece. PLease credit all your works. It's not a 'should' rule. It's more a tip for you~! : )

5) We do accept Oc's, Rpc's, Mix Pairings like Oc x Cnon character and fanfiction with them!
We have extra folders so please attention them and don't submit them without knowing in any Folders.

6) Hentai is not allowed.

~JauneAnora :heart:





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